Our Law Firm was founded in 1974 under the name “A. LIONIS – E. GYZIS & Partners Law Offices” in Athens, Greece, by Emmanuel A. Gyzis and Andreas Lionis. It later continued as “Emm. A. Gyzis & Partners Law Offices” and to this day operates under the leadership and personal supervision of its principal founder, Emmanuel A. Gyzis, providing its specialized legal services, both to individuals and corporate entities, whether domestic or international, always tailored to the needs of its clients.

The above-mentioned services which are rendered to the Firm’s Clientele are comprised of legal counseling and litigation, as well as conflict-minimizing strategies aiming at dispute resolution when litigation procedures can be avoided.

The Firm, wanting to meet its clients’ needs, has equipped its offices with modern technological infrastructure and legal databases and has developed a case management structure, which allows the firm’s associates to be efficient and effective.

Cases and projects are individually assigned to the Firm’s associates according to their in-depth experience and practice areas, with the aim of ensuring that all our clients will obtain the best possible services available. Furthermore, the Firm and its Associates maintain a close professional relationship with leading law firms globally, enabling them to co-operate on cases demanding a more thorough examination.

We devote considerable time for every client and every partner separately without prejudice or any kind on gender discrimination, race, national origin or ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or any other element that touches upon the personal choice of each person. For us, the personal value of the individual is our only 'touchstone' evaluation.

Our goal is to achieve a successful outcome in every case you assign to us, and to forge a relationship based on humanity and not just a formal, typical client-Attorney relationship.

This way we get to know our clients better.  We get to know how they think and what their long term prospects are, in order to protect their interests, to guide them into pursuing their goals and to prevent them from taking impulsive actions resulting in hasty decisions.  This is what our clients-friends acknowledge and appreciate in their collaboration with us.  Our reward is the success of our Clients’ goals, through the forging of a professional and human relationship!!

To achieve all the above, we chose our associates very carefully

• We don’t aim at a large number of Associates, instead we opt to work with fewer and more qualitative ones.

• It all comes down to the fact that we are a “Boutique Law Firm”, and our associates and clients stay by our side for many years.

• With this relationship, we build our lives and our Clients’ future, as well as ours.

• Due to mutual respect, we inform our Clients on every development.

• Being constantly up to date in all our specialized areas is also our target. This brings us closer to the future and closer to our Clients for the best possible outcome!!

Our responsibility as scientists, professionals but mainly as people and active participants in this community, is not limited to our legal work.
Our activities include a substantial part of «pro bono» and we support regularly, economically or otherwise those parts of our society (i.e. solidarity homes) which are brutally affected by the devastating situation in our country and which are in need of our contribution and our assistance.

Our office has included in its subsequent plans to institute granting scholarship for a doctoral thesis, to a student having graduated with merits from a Greek Law School hailing from Tinos island, with Masters in Aviation Law, on the subject of Aviation Management at the University of the Aegean.

Our Firms philosophy is “represented” in this site.

With our spirit and aspirations, we are sure to keep You with us, to go on together.