Emm. A. Gyzis

Emm. A. Gyzis

EMMANUEL A. GYZIS, born in Athens, Greece, 13 January 1947; admitted to Athens Bar Association 1974. Education: University of Athens, Law School (1972), London, (L.LM. 1980), specialized in Aviation Law and originally worked in the respective field on behalf of British Tour Operators and Charter companies. Currently studying for his MBA from the European University Cyprus

With longstanding journalistic and writing activity, his articles have been published in financial newspapers and magazines specialized in Aviation and Tourism. Author of pioneering monographs on the development issues of Olympic Airways (1989), he has published during a course of many years, a series of articles regarding its viability, its position in the international environment, as well as for other private airlines in general, while at the same time he participated in relevant International and Greek Conferences and Organizations. Successful and long-term engagement with issues regarding private airports / heliports, Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Aircraft Fractional Ownership, Ground handling matters. At his law firm “EMM. GYZIS AND ASSOCIATES”, together with a group of specialized associates he deals mainly with aviation law issues (cooperation with construction companies for commercial aircraft and leasing companies) and tourism law issues, specializing in mass tourism from/ to Greece and occasionally cooperating with Tour Operators. Since 1993, he has founded a number of Greek and foreign airline companies, on behalf of his clients, in accordance with the applicable legal status. He has participated in committees for the drafting of legislation regarding air transport, such as private airports, the Presidential Decree for private heliports and the Basic Legislation of the Aviation Code and he is the General Secretary of the Hellenic Aviation Society. For many years, he has been studying emerging markets, as a consultant for foreign companies, which plan to invest worldwide.


MEMBER: Athens Bar Association, International Bar Association, European Society of International Law (ESIL), American Society of International Law (ASIL), British-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Greek-American Union, Hellenic Aviation Society.

PRACTICE AREAS: Aviation Law, Aerospace Law, Tourism and Transport Law, (European) Commercial and Company Law. Arbitration. Establishment and Operation of foreign companies in Greece. Project Finance. Free Movement of Capital. Privatization. Foreign/ Hotel Investments. Mergers and Acquisitions.

E-mail: egyzis@egyzislaw.com

Thursday, 30 January 2014 19:41

Emmanuel A. Gyzis interview on SBC TV

Emmanuel A. Gyzis interview on SBC TV

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 20:38

Emmanuel A. Gyzis interview on SBC TV

Emmanuel A. Gyzis interview on SBC TV

Thursday, 01 August 2013 05:51



Verbalism, Big plans, inferior money collection expectations

– The reasons - The real future-


Many journeys, endless plans on paper, announcements concerning the Greek TOURISM triumph.

Impressive numbers, 17,0 million Tourists are expected according to the Government.

Amazing advertising, falsely blown away?

There’s a challenge.

It’s ‘raining’ legislations. You can find anything you want among them. Ports, Medical TOURISM, Cruises, marinas, plans for development everywhere.

Egypt is helping. Turkey is helping. Turmoil everywhere.

And the caravans of tourists are arriving in Charter flights, for the chosen destinations.

Some destinations can see the extend of their destruction coming.

The prices are being lowered. But are they low enough?

VAT will be down to 13% starting 01/08/2013. Will it reach the market? Highly unlikely.

So, what will be the sales registry from this massive arrival of so many visitors?

Due to the fact that the biggest masses of Tourists come from the organized tour operators, unfortunately the income will be poor.

All inclusive - ¨bracelets¨, for jewelry

In Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, in every famous Greek destination, Tour Operators have imposed their policy.

Is it possible our busy Minister put her foot down and tell the TUI, the British and Scandinavian T.O, to everyone who ‘imports’ TOURISM in this Country, to stop keeping all the money in their own treasury?

Accommodation, air tickets, H/B or F/B, breakfast, transportation, excursions, car/ bike rentals, any kind of entertainment, are all prepaid in low prices for the locals.



There are a lot of scenarios regarding an imminent (?) sale of the Airport of Spata, Athens.

While the German company is also auctioning off some other of its airports internationally, such as the ones in Sidney, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Tirana and Budapest, the possibility of this sale appears in parallel to them.

However, what is true?

What are the questions arising from such a rumour?

Where does the truth lie?

Is there a real intention, or not?

According to the current facts, it is difficult for Hochtief to part it’s INVESTMENT in Greece.

First, due to the fact that the current economical situation doesn’t allow for a satisfactory price to be set.

Secondly, because the real decision makers of the Group are the Spanish, who, even though they may seem that they could give in the leading German Group, they also have in mind private-economic criteria and will possibly search for an economical counterbalancing action from the Germans, in order to make an agreement.

GREECE, a Country who “desires” Tourism Development,

is closing down its SCHOOLS OF TOURISM.

 We get the impression, and wish to be wrong, that through the new regulations regarding the merger of Higher Educational Institutes (AEI) – Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) and the shortenings, the schools of TOURISM studies are abolished.

It would be a total depreciation for the future of Tourism in our country, if this is true.

The highly positioned politicians and occasionally Ministers of TOURISM, are concerned, travel, play protagonist roles in international forum, attempting, according to their own statements, to open new ways for Tourism, attract new clients, find intercontinental cooperation and all the promising “will” that can contribute to the increase in the numbers of INCOMING TOURISM.

They are promising new destinations, new standards, high quality Tourism cruises, ports, marines and other grandiose plans.

The human resources yet, that are the added value for the contribution to these new actions, is continuously downgraded.



 Twenty-one years ago, when our Office, specialising in AVIATION LAW, had a cooperation with the C.E.O. of the then newly established HELLENIC AIR, I had a first idea of the Greek-American businessman John Katsimatides.

Having knowledge of Airline Business in the United States, this Pioneer Greek in Diaspora, has taken the chance to ride the train of development, as it was then called by the Greek Government.

Innumerable hopes and great expectations grew in his soul.
During that period, according to the European directives and the relatively new Aviation Code (L 1815./1998), a full A.O.C. could be granted to a company providing there was commercial authorization while an aircraft was needed for the technical exploitation license.

For this reason, Mr Katsimatides brought a BAC 1-11 aircraft at Elliniko Airport as well as all the requisite studies for the technical part of the A.O.C. (Technical Procedures Manual etc).        

He tried to proceed with the licenses in vain against the voracious Greek bureaucracy.

During any stage of this procedure that we were asked to offer our help, we did so and we made considerable efforts together with the then local management of Hellenic Air.


A reversing consideration

 During the last 30 years, the ministers of Tourism have tried to give an impulse to the Greek Touristic product through “map drills”.

We have been listening to the same tape again and again for the last 30 years during the inauguration ceremonies of PHILOXENIA exposition, at ¨Vellidio¨ Foundation.

Promises are made, studies are carried out and people appear in sonorous events. If their plans would be put into action at a 10-20%, then Greek Tourism would have been an Eldorado.

Why isn’t it though?

Because, in practice, all the parameters that can lead to the implementation of these plans are nothing but idle words.

There is an urgent need for the Greek Tourism to be handled by experts so that a bright day could finally come.

Thursday, 15 November 2012 09:50

Aegean-Olympic-New Deal


The future of the two Greek Airlines, after a possible “no” from the EU


The agreement between the two Greek Airlines has been announced and we all know what it means.

            They are two companies with supplementary and little complementary converging operation.

The ¨core¨ of their agreement is the deposit of 20.0 million Euros, paid in advance by Aegean to Olympic Air, as a part of the 72.0 million Euros total cost demanded for purchasing 100% of Olympic Air exclusively.

Not including the technical base and handling, as they are not going to be bought.

            We have analysed, in a previous article/speech, during the International Airline Conference of the 20th April, 2010, held in Athens, (A.I.A., building 17), the true financial cost of OLYMPIC AIR for M.I.G., when made the purchase from the Greek Government.

We certainly believe that its main shareholder has made a not bad deal.

If it wasn't "haunted" by the serious damages of the period, during which the company was under its management, (but even despite that), the agreement, at the moment, seems smart and profitable.

On the other side, Mr Theodoros Vasilakis, ¨Nestor¨ of business in Greece, has taken a risk, in order to satisfy his earnest desire for obtaining “the once beloved of the 5continents”.

Friday, 19 October 2012 06:17

Greek Tourism and ¨Safaris¨ in Tourism

Greek Tourism and ¨Safaris¨ in Tourism

 From the 9th to the 11th of October, the visit of the Greek delegation for the 1st Investment Forum, took place in the USA.

The aim was to attract foreign capitals as well as Greek-American investors’ capitals, in all investment fields, including TOURISM.

Our promising Minister, Mrs Olga Kefalogianni, used up the same slogans/ messages that have been used during the last 30 years, for the attraction of prospective investors.

She spoke about new kinds of TOURISM, marine TOURISM, cruises, new markets.

New kinds of TOURISM, without infrastructure, marine TOURISM without high standards Marinas, cruises without the infrastructure projects demanded by the Cruise Colossuses and which need at least 400-500 million US Dollars to be implemented, without direct flights to the United States and Canada by a Greek Airline, 51 years after the flight of Aristotle Onassis’ with Olympic Airlines, the beloved Airline of the five continents.

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:58

Greek Airports And Tourism


-The Future or a black hole?-


 The wandering of the Greek State as a conveyor in creating international airports within its territory, is renowned.

Our country, due to the amateurism of the politicians who have served Tourism from time to time, has managed to have airports with low standards.

Lacking national planning in Tourism Policy for an entire and balanced development of the Tourism product, as it is demanded by the modern needs of our clients around the world, the hopes for a qualitative growth, are vain.

And this is dragging us behind Tour Operator Giants, who dictate their will. And now even more forcefully for the immediate future.

There are solutions.

Airports can be sponsored and serve this growth that Greece wants and which is harmonious to its planning.

The year 2013 may be tragic for Tourism in Greece.

The organization of the airports, their strengthening, their well planned upgrading and finally, their being rightly commissioned to companies with financial and technical background will influence their function positively or negatively.

Regarding the A.I.A., the possibilities for a higher development rate are meager, given the current pricing policy of the company that exploits the airport.