Emm. A. Gyzis

Emm. A. Gyzis

EMMANUEL A. GYZIS, born in Athens, Greece, 13 January 1947; admitted to Athens Bar Association 1974. Education: University of Athens, Law School (1972), London, (L.LM. 1980), specialized in Aviation Law and originally worked in the respective field on behalf of British Tour Operators and Charter companies. Currently studying for his MBA from the European University Cyprus

With longstanding journalistic and writing activity, his articles have been published in financial newspapers and magazines specialized in Aviation and Tourism. Author of pioneering monographs on the development issues of Olympic Airways (1989), he has published during a course of many years, a series of articles regarding its viability, its position in the international environment, as well as for other private airlines in general, while at the same time he participated in relevant International and Greek Conferences and Organizations. Successful and long-term engagement with issues regarding private airports / heliports, Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Aircraft Fractional Ownership, Ground handling matters. At his law firm “EMM. GYZIS AND ASSOCIATES”, together with a group of specialized associates he deals mainly with aviation law issues (cooperation with construction companies for commercial aircraft and leasing companies) and tourism law issues, specializing in mass tourism from/ to Greece and occasionally cooperating with Tour Operators. Since 1993, he has founded a number of Greek and foreign airline companies, on behalf of his clients, in accordance with the applicable legal status. He has participated in committees for the drafting of legislation regarding air transport, such as private airports, the Presidential Decree for private heliports and the Basic Legislation of the Aviation Code and he is the General Secretary of the Hellenic Aviation Society. For many years, he has been studying emerging markets, as a consultant for foreign companies, which plan to invest worldwide.


MEMBER: Athens Bar Association, International Bar Association, European Society of International Law (ESIL), American Society of International Law (ASIL), British-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Greek-American Union, Hellenic Aviation Society.

PRACTICE AREAS: Aviation Law, Aerospace Law, Tourism and Transport Law, (European) Commercial and Company Law. Arbitration. Establishment and Operation of foreign companies in Greece. Project Finance. Free Movement of Capital. Privatization. Foreign/ Hotel Investments. Mergers and Acquisitions.

E-mail: egyzis@egyzislaw.com

A Woman excels in the Skies.
Carolyn McCall of Easyjet.

It would be really difficult for Stelios (sir Stelios), the entrepreneur and visionary of aviation, to imagine what happened in 2015.

That a businesswoman would lead Easyjet in its international destinies with a “firm business hand”.

Because Carolyn McCall worthily earned titles in Britain such as the National Business Award, for the unique upward course of the company.

For five whole years, since 2010, against the adversities of the sector, terrorist attacks, especially the crash of Russia's aircraft after takeoff from a tourist resort of the Red Sea, she has been fighting to support the credibility of the company, the largest low-cost carrier after RyanAir.

And what mainly proves the stuff that she is made of, is that without knowing in detail the causes that brought down the Russian aircraft, she created a chain of empty leg flights for days, for the area of Sharm el-Sheikh, in order to salvage and repatriate more than 4,500 trapped passengers.

The very interesting thing is that after the peculiar fall of Germanwings’ A320, she managed in half a year to concentrate experiences of many years.

Volcanic eruptions, occasional oil price increases.

The airport at Kasteli, Crete
A theatre of absurd and delays.

February 23, 2016 has been set by the Hellenic Government as the deadline for the submission of offers regarding the above project.

But the overall economic situation of HELLAS, with the most heavy measures being in progress until February (social security, farmers and many others), makes a possible awarding or progress in the Bidding concerning the Airport, a "Midsummer Night's Dream".

Surely, the European Investment Bank has shown interest in financing part of the projects with 850,0 million euros but this is hardly enough.

Because the international groups that have had the intention to participate from way back, are outraged with the many postponements and their Greek partners share the same aggressive thinking.

We have been talking and writing about these things for years.

The discrepancy between words and actions defines this Government as well.

The project is intricate.

It has been "placed" many times into the "Procrustean bed".

The runways and airport areas are enlarged and downsized constantly.

The accesses and the roadways are continuously differentiated.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:38

Lawyers may be robots in the future

Lawyers may be robots in the future

Indeed, this scientific view of Richard Freeman, a professor at the prestigious Harvard University, USA, has made a catalytic impression. In a few words, the professor, during the international conference organized by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (cedefop), that was held a few days ago in Thessaloniki, was revolutionary.

The conference dealt with the theme: "Impact of Technology and workplace change on skill needs".

There, he dropped the bomb / prediction, according to which, in the future, besides Robot truck drivers, cooks and factory workers, there will also be Robot lawyers, and maybe judges. Even businessmen.

Verbatim, he said inter alia that ".... The machines are gradually becoming more human than people, without making their mistakes or having their prejudices. If I had before me, a robotic judge and a person doing the same job, I would prefer the first.

Wednesday, 02 December 2015 15:19

The TOURISM policy, the numbers

The TOURISM policy, the numbers.
The degradation of the Hellenic TOURISM

Plans on paper again and again, both from the Regional Governor of Attica and the highly esteemed Minister of Tourism.

They want a year-round TOURISM in Attica.

They invoke new action plans, strategic marketing and other grandiose stuff.

The Minister, E. Kountouras, in particular, boasted about the number of Tourists in Hellas reaching 26.0 million in 2015.

She said: "... the Ministry’s objective is that the country will reach the top five most popular countries in the world."

She forgot to mention anything, though, about the desirable quality of TOURISM.

Because it seems that she doesn’t object at all about the hordes of Britons that revile our country with their behavior and the continuous minimization of their contribution to the free TOURIST market.

She also seems to forget that the more than 2.0 million German tourists that are equally products of massive incoming TOURISM that offer minimal added value to the free market.

We pressure and chronically ruminate, writing about the same things.

Friday, 27 November 2015 14:37

The Russian Aeroflot becomes a champion

The Russian Aeroflot becomes a champion.

It is well known that the Russian economy is suffering due to the reprisals from the West and also from inherent difficulties, which hold her down.

To the contrary, Aeroflot, the great glory of Russia, ventures in AVIATION with passion and consistency.

With the Russian government as its 51% shareholder, and a fleet of mainly Western technology, ie. approximately 118 Airbus and 75 Boeing aircraft, the Russian Airline fights bravely.

Recently, it supplemented its fleet gradually, with 21 Sukhoi Superjets, and a closed order for about 30 more, besides the Airbus and Boeing that has as options.

Step by step, Aeroflot managed during the last five years, to improve its in-flight and ground service to the passengers by 100%, and even to shake off its reputation as an unsafe airline, which never had profits.

The replacement of its old Russian technology energy-consuming aircraft is over.

Of course, the Superjet, with ± 100 seats, depending on the specifications of the model for various distances, is an AIRCRAFT that in the Western market basically has orders only from Mexico.

Sky Greece
The Hellenic airline with the tragic epilogue.

Sky Greece didn’t really deserve that ending.

We dare to formulate this opinion because we knew firsthand and from the beginning of this endeavor, the possibilities that this Airline had, both theoretically and in practice.

When we witnessed its design in Canada 5 years ago, we had the welfare, knowing most of its basic founders personally, we expressed our views to them. These views that were emanating from 43 year experience in INTERNATIONAL AVIATION.

We stressed then that the business environment in the field, both in Canada and in Hellas, was not suitable for a successful venture.

Because in Canada, on one hand, Air Canada had gradually implemented plans for long-term flights to and from Greece, while, on the other hand, Air Transat had strong allies and together, combined with a hotel network in our country, they created the conditions for very serious air bridge in our country, which was unbeatable with the packages that they offered.

The founders objected, projecting their own business connections in Canada, and the aircraft they were to obtain.


It is been few days since the Chinese President was in the US for trade agreements.

Among those, he placed a gigantic order for 300 Boeing aircraft of various types and sizes.

An order of 25.0 billion USD, with an additional purchase option of an equal number Aircraft.

Last week, Germany, through its Chancellor, during her visit to China with a group of businessmen, signed an agreement with the Chinese government, amounting to approximately 16.0 billion euros, for the sale of 130 Airbus A320 and A330, with a future option for the same number of Aircraft.

Of course, and for some years now, Bombardier has not been left disappointed by the Chinese.

After all, it has built manufacturing factories in China with the expertise for many types of Bombardier Aircraft.

The manufacturing costs in China, per aircraft, are about 25% of the cost for the same Aircraft in Canada.

Besides, it is well known that the Chinese airlines will need at least around 6,400 aircraft for their fleets within the next 15-20 years.

The condemnation of Museums and Archaeological Sites of Ηellas.

We sincerely don’t wish to believe that “sorcerer’s apprentices” are employed at the Ministries of Finance, Tourism and so on.

But the attempted self-destruction against the HELLENIC TOURIST product, by means of a foolish increase of the entrance fees at the Hellenic Museums and Archaeological sites, inevitably points to that direction.

It’s the end of October, with all the contracts abroad for 2016 already signed, and we force Tourism organizations that are working with our country to leverage prices, ie. to absorb in addition to all the other increases, (VAT, transport, catering), and the current one.

Some adjustments in the entrance fees, per se, of course, (albeit at more reasonable levels), would be agreeable if they had real added value.

What is that? It is the qualitative, substantial upgrade of the services provided to TOURISTS- visitors, by the Museums and Archaeological sites.

The provision of electronic tour guides for example.

The more contemporary presentation of the exhibits.

The provision of remarkable group guided tours performed by the personnel of the museums and sites.


This August, always according to the data publicized by the two mega civil aircraft manufacturers, AIRBUS and BOEING, has been an extremely lucrative month.

Both in terms of orders and deliveries of different types of AIRCRAFT.

The European industry has literally flooded with orders for its constantly most popular type of AIRCRAFT, the A 320.

Of course we are speaking about the entire range of this type of AIRCRAFT, including the A 320 neo and its various versions.

So, there were 662 orders, with corresponding delivery of 315 AIRCRAFT.

As for the A 330 series, there were 83 orders and 61 deliveries.

The new creation, A 350, follows, in 3 versions and engines, which we have admired up close this year in Bourget, Paris, with nine (09) orders and four (04) deliveries.

There is also the mega- aircraft A 380, with 17 deliveries, but without any orders during August.


The “original” TA.I.PE.D., managing the mythical State properties of the Hellenes, and seemingly will still be based in Hellas, is ready to proceed to the signing of the contract for the country’s regional airports.

Fraport, at a price of 1.23 approx. billion Euros, in monopolistic track, acquires the 14 best airports in Hellas, leaving the remaining second-rate ones to the State.

The total price with the subsequent economic benefits for the Hellenic government, are leniently considered  "low" for a project of that scale.

Since the profits from the above airports will be skyrocketing for Fraport.

Now, what kind of privatization are we talking about, with the state of Hesse in Germany being a prominent investor?  It is indeed an interesting question….

From what is foreseen to take place within August, since this privatization project is included in the measures package to be brought before Parliament, the contract will be signed in its entirety and will be judicially reviewed for the final approval and for the approval of environmental terms and modernization works.