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The 797 / new BOEING achievement is launched at the Le Bourget Air Show

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In its great competitive relationship, the American construction company, with AIRBUS, decided to present in Bourget 19-25 / 06/2017 this new creation.

It will be a twin – engine narrow body and will enter the battle, for example,for flights from New York to Los Angeles.

Even its flying capability will be enough for medium-haul routes from the United States to smaller European cities and airports.

Its capacity will range from 220 to 270 seats, for flights up to 10 hours non- stop, and a distance of up to 5,200 nautical miles.

Has BOEING studied this type?

It seems like it has, because it estimates that it will have orders for more than 4,000 similar aircraft when this will begin to be delivered to airlines / customers in 2025.

The gap to be covered between the BOE-737 and the BOE-787 is well-appreciated.

With the new aircraft, the company will offer thousands of new jobs and co-operation with international suppliers to the US economy.

The first customers are about 60.

Among them the LCC Indian Spice-Jet.

Wings and spindle will be made of polycarbonate material, such as of the 787.

Mike Delaney, Vice President of the construction department at BOEING, claims that 797, will have a cost savings of around 45% compared to A330neo's AIRBUS flight cost.

Here is a huge dilemma for AIRBUS retiring general manager of sales, John Leahy, who, with a tremendous acumen, has raised to one trillion dollars the turnover of European manufacturers, is now called upon to defend his title as a super seller against the Americans, to the ever-increasing deceleration of world-wide aircraft sales.

The bet for the 797 and the long-time duel of the 2 Mega Manufacturers will surely have a great deal of anxiety and many business phases.

My personal experience from the two-day event that I spent in this year's Le Bourget, fills me with moderate hope for the future of Air Transport.


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