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C919 - When The Chinese Aeronautics "roars."

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A day of particular importance was May 5, 2017 for China and the dreams of its Aviation Industry.

Its creation, the C919, flew the skies of Shanghai in a final test, only with crew, for less than a half (1.5) hour.

Its landing took place with the presence of several hundred enthusiastic spectators who watched.

The aircraft making China the fourth manufacturer of narrow body aircraft to 150 seats, with the BOEING, AIRBUS and the EMBRAER, forms a new revolution.

Of course, the triumphalism of the President of COMAC, He-Dongfang, that "this is a great day for all of us" echoes the feelings of the company and the people of China.

The engine chosen by the company LEAP-1C is a turbomachine of great technology selected from 2009.

The hull of the twin-engine aircraft is of domestic manufacture, while the landing gear is German, of American-French technology the engines and the cabin has Austrian origin.

The IPS system is a Fully Integrated Propulsion System, has undergone technologically innovative improvements, thus gives good aerodynamic board, lighter and economical technical terms of maintenance.

All these contribute for the C919 to be received mainly by Chinese air but slowly from other countries orders that exceed today 600.

Because of course the large number of orders contributes significantly to the price, which ranges from 49.0 to 51.0 million dollars.

That is half the price and even less than that of its main competitors.

However, many things contribute for its low price.

Mainly the labour cost.

We write again as we have pointed out in the past.

Bombardier assembles with very good cost/price for many years now, many types of its vessels in China.

Solid, Quality, commercial power.
A big “lion” that roars and threatens commercially China.

It progresses, gets organized, it gains step by step its expected first level as a global economic power in the two coming decades.


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