Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:33


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Richard Branson, the genius self-made entrepreneur of the skies, strikes again.

In co-operation with Boom, which is led by another major businessman pioneer of special aviation construction, they have in production line the successor of the supersonic aircraft.

And of course, of the 200 plus Concorde's seats, Boom will have only 55.

In compensation, it will reach its highest speed of 2340 km/h compared to 2180 km/h of the former French grandeur.

The Concorde "died" after that famous accident of his fall a few decades ago.

An air accident attributed according to the estimates of very serious aeronautical specialists in peculiar circumstances.

American competitors, whose air carrier interests had been "displaced ".

Thus, the London-New York flight will take place in about 190 minutes, breaking the barrier of sound at least twice as fast.

Virgin Galactic, the super-creation of Richard, pioneers without "barriers", since he makes new efforts in the field of space as well to resume, despite some early failures, a commercial flight of few selected multimillionaire customers in orbit in space.

We see that Boom, which will definitely have very expensive tickets, because of its low capacity, will manage to show what "an everlasting beast of avant-garde" the human being is, in its struggle for the best, the … novel.


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