Monday, 24 April 2017 09:44

AEGEAN with new "wings" for long distance flights

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Perhaps it's time for the HELLENIC AIR CARRIER to start operating in distant destinations.

Because it may be difficult for Theodoros Vassilakis to agree with the smaller shareholders of Aegean, the brothers Panos and Thanassis Laskaridis, but his upcoming trip to the United States means a lot.

He is likely to approach BOEING directly to set up a leasing contract for the newly created B737 max which is launching with a satisfactory range of action by the American manufacturer.

This capacity of his will be in the range of 4,000 km, and at this time it will receive the relevant certificates from the AMERICAN FAA.

Of course the range of this AIRCRAFT will allow intercontinental flights with at least 1 or 2 stop-overs.

At the same time, the attraction of the Vassilakis family for Airbus remains clear, and therefore is surely interested in chartering the A320neo that Airbus has launched with many hopes, orders and with almost the same range of flight.

However, if it acquires both types, its fleet Company will become multi-typed, with whichever unfavorable means for its technical support and not only.

Compensating per seat cost will be significantly reduced, but also by stop-overs it will collect a purely Aegean clientele without partnerships in share code programs.

Independence and planning independence always brings profits in the medium and long term, as may the operator's ability to perform routes between Athens and Delhi as the Indians have recently been approaching.

Profits are coming from there and maybe from other itineraries.

The future will show the value of the venture.

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