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Tourism-2017 –Challenges - Low-income expectations with disproportionately large number of Tourists.

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HELLAS, experiences, this, as well.

Because, as the Honourable Minister of Tourism of our country “found”  triumphantly at ITB Berlin a few days ago, the increase of arrivals from Germany will reach about 12%.
Taking it into consideration that TUI, ruled by its British management, has foreseen great increase from Britain as well,  any true connoisseur of our ill-fated Tourism realizes that, the Mega-Group will "pack" hundreds of millions of euros.
These together with the Transport through its Air fleet and all other prepaid services will again strangle the revenues from this grand home industry.
Domestically the "bracelet bearers", as we have extensively write before, will spend little and the value of our hopes it'll be for "tears."
eloquent but irrelevant Minister is boasting for the 28 million visitors but with only EUR 14.5 billion revenue, while last year with 25 million Tourists we collected 13.5

billion euros.

Conclusion: Germans and British Tour Operators are getting wealthier against the plebeians.

TUI- UK will bring as well an international platform for civil weddings.

Maybe there is something worthwhile to collect from that source.
Other than that, the Mediterranean diet that TUI GROUP will launch in Crete, is expected to yield little for Greece, since surely the prepaid packets will prevail.
Madame Minister, do be proud, because the International Grand-Groups and the domestic Mega-Hotels you admire will fill their revenues.
The Greek stand
, with which you were photographed together with your collaborators and others, has little comparative ability to capitalize the Tourist decline of the “wild” Turkey.
Too bad, because for years we talk emphatically.

We need Ministers of the Sector, not photogenic but with knowledge of this complex, demanding task.

Do we scream in deaf ears?


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