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The regional airports are seeking aid ... like Greece.

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The regional airports are seeking aid ... like Greece.

Fraport, the great bidder, which is expected to pay at some point to our suffering country, approximately 1.23 billion inter alia as a single price, went in search for its recapitalization.

It hired, as is well known, several hundred staff, but from month to month has deferred payment and consequent payment of the price.

This way will surely lose this year's summer period, since if it pays in March 2017, is unlikely to proceed in substantially reform projects of the 14 airports in the middle of the Tourist arrivals.

It will content itself with "half-measures" and these airports will again afflict their passengers with their existing meager infrastructures.

Who would really have thought that Fraport - Slentel would seek capitals to support them in a substantial percentage of the due payable price?

Of course, now it seems that they secured the money they needed, but my good major investor, “you are walking on thorny grounds”.

Our country is in huge need of this price.

You do not see how it ended up?

Today it begs but certainly soon, when there is a change in all kind of conditions, will highlight the imperious Hellenic soul.

Which knows in time to pull back to the revival like a phoenix from its ashes.

 "Keep walking forward Greeks!"


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