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NAXOS AIR Cyclades found their… Austrian

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Cyclades found their Austrian

Naxos air is indeed an air business venture of particular importance for the Cyclades.

The Austrian "Georgos", as the locals call him here in Naxos, being for 35 years in love with the beautiful Greek island, George Pommer  as his full name is, decided to realize his dream, to interconnect the Cyclades. He wants to make them similar to French Polynesia and not only.

He has been working on the design of this project for several years, being in close communication with the HCAA and the European Safety Aviation Agency. Besides, his vast experience in the area starts from the Green Air which has the Austrian Salzburg.

The competition in Greece, of course, because of the Aegean, Olympic Air, Sky Express and Ellinair, does not discourage him.

This is because while the aforementioned air companies fly from Athens and Thessaloniki to the main Cycladic destinations like Mykonos, Santorini and Syros, there is a missing link between Cyclades.

The fleet to be run will involve 12seat and 16seat aircrafts.

Those planes are easily filled, need small corridors from / landing and the per seat cost is low and competitive.

Pommer starts cleverly from the most popular airports of Mykonos and Santorini, with an existing commercial air traffic of about 350,000 passengers annually.

He started with the new Cesna Caravan Ex to make test flights with 12 passenger capacity and 600 kg load. It traveled the distance in less than 25 minutes.

A parallel goal is to extend up to nine months of the flight other than the major Cyclades and Paros and Naxos.

Syros and Milos are the new destinations he “sees” as well.

The logos of the new airline dominate in all the islands of Cyclades that is about to service already.

Of course the weather conditions of these islands during the summer season with fierce local winds may turbulent with the passengers in these small aircraft but they are proved to be very safe in their flight operations.

We truly believe that the contribution of this company will generate a substantial interconnection of high value for the islands of the Aegean.

We wish that, because it was missing in that geographic area, after the fiasco the irrelevant Greek state treated with, when it literally buried the hopes of a big company of seaplanes to be granted flight permit.

That company which believed that private initiative might have possibilities of realization in this unhospitable, to private investors, country.  


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