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Many and grandiose announcements have been made this year by the Ministers "typically" responsible for the HELLENIC TOURISM.

Promises, supposed potentials, numbers that can perhaps be made reachable, but without substance.

How many times will we vocally shout, are we going to write in a satirical manner that, 25, 26, 27 million TOURISTS of that level are a long-lasting disease for the HELLENIC TOURISM?

The Germans, the British, the eccentric Russians which we proselytize, are routine deleterious TOURISTS, the likes of which, must be slowly, but steadily, become "metabolized".

But someone will say, the AIA traffic is constantly rising, Turkey loses all tourists flow rapidly because of the uncertainty that visitors have due to the bombings, why do you make so pessimistic projections regarding the revenues?

This is where the problem lies. In the mismatched revenues, in relation to the incoming numbers.

And not only in those.

But in seasonality as well, ie when 56-60% of the total arrivals take place in July - August - September.

That is just 3 months.

But also due to in hugely disproportionate concentration of 70% of beds in only 4 (four!) !!!!!!! regions in HELLAS.

And let’s not forget that besides AIA, Heraklion Airport, with 2.6-2.8 million Tourists each year, is the "disgrace" for the Hellenic Airports, with third world conditions, since the deadlines for Kastelli are shifted again and again and now tenders are to begin in September 2016, and go figure!!!

Even those who "bleed" for quality visitors, in practice, they undermine AIR CHINA from establishing regular, long duration direct flights this year to our country.

And let's not talk about the cruise. There, the customers carry their luggage like porters, and if Cruise Ships reach "Katakolo", the visitors enjoy, under their noses, tons of garbage at the port, which combined, with the high temperatures are precursors for foul odors and worse.

Indeed, these guests are speaking out very badly about our country and will definitely keep these "memories" of Hellas.

As we always say, without regularly returning Tourists, without experts in the field, HELLAS has been delivered at the hands of those, who definitely lead its product in the swamp.

It is imperative for the clueless to leave.

In order to be able to create new jobs and to have and emerge a powerful and diverse package of TOURISM products, such as the Nautical Tourism, Medical, Cultural, Religious, Agrotourism, Eco-Tourism, Welfare Tourism for seniors and exchange of properties, within Europe or more widely, between friends, always with pricing and low taxation rates.

Do we ask for much?

Let's start immediately.

The aforementioned infrastructure requires a long course.

Every single day that goes by is too late.

The present Article has also been published in Greek, in the Greek version of Travel Daily News and in the English version of Travel Daily News International.