Travel Daily News-Philoxenia Helexpo 2009

Duels are going on.

The race for the … non profit lines, which in fact are also profitable in receipts and also ensure a range of collateral benefits for the chosen airline/ s is relentless.

That’s why at the termination of exclusivity and the “legal – actual death” of OLYMPIC, a war broke out.

A war that began before the elections with far more candidates than the two major players of the Greek Air Market, i.e. a total of seven companies, with recriminations and verbal competition, ending a few days ago after the elections in a “mini – match” at the Office of the new Minister Dimitris Reppas.

With the main suitors in conflict, and uploaded tones in the debate, but also the experienced Minister as a mitigator.

The new generation of the AEGEAN Administration under Eftichis Vasilakis is sufficiently aggressive, when it deems necessary. The “combination” created having as “opposite” Andreas Vgenopoulos, led to harsh dialogues and mental suffering for all present there.

What does this tension show? That developments attempted at the total Greek reality by the new Government, will thus be difficult during an extremely even more critical adjustment in general.

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