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Professional Messages: ¨UP GREEK TOURISM¨

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I.T.B. Berlin - March, 07-11, 2012

Professional Messages: ¨UP GREEK TOURISM¨


This year’s I.T.B., a tourist exhibition of global range, to which approximately 200 countries worldwide participate, showed its main leading presence.

Messages about the state of tourism on an international scale.

Messages on the financial data which affect Tourism in each country.

Messages about hope, messages also regarding unpleasant thoughts and perspectives.

Key finding is the partial shrinking of the presence of large companies at the exhibition. Although they know its great value and influence.

While at the same time conclusions at a smaller scale are drawn. These concerning Greece.

Primarily, our ¨picture¨ there was dramatically poor. This is not just about the overall quality of the stand and the other parameters, but basically about the influence reflected by the presence of Greece in this exhibition.

Fragmentary, and with superficial targets, we tried again, once more, to sell the standardization.

We are interested in numbers, to impress, to attract tourists regardless of their quality.

Away from the true targets.

Those to which Greek Tourism should be directed, ie:

Quality targeting

Real improvement in services

Long- term attracting in alternative ways of Tourism

Adequate decentralization of Tourism

Qualitative upgrading of tourists aiming to visit our country

Stable and permanent improvement of the legal framework of Tourisminvestment in our country.

Without any dummy organizations, which do not perform any piece of work eventually.

Tourism law should be upgraded decisively.

Infrastructures need direct and continuous quality control.

The public tourism entities, as G.T.O., the Ministry of Culture, the Tourism Ministry, need managers and not politicians and parliamentarians.

The outward image of the hierarchy of our Tourism should be long-term stable. If there is a politician who knows this “area”, he is welcome. But if he is asked to “learn” as a hobby, Tourism is not the proper sector for ordinary not professionals.

The development of a National Tourism Policy, the restraint of the 4 -5 giant Tour Operators, which must cease to oppress the Greek Tourism, are the key goals and “pillars”.

Progress without, balanced advertising, stable trust relationships with true professionals, who can give quality standards to the Greek Tourism product.

Our competitors, with continuity and consistency, highlight their comparative advantages and give “value for money”.

They create dynamic Lobbies, which become constant and effective levers to promote.

The case of descent of the Tourism product and development of the dominant of tourism, Spain, should be estimated.

To be a “case study” for us, to avoid the same mistakes.

The findings of the Tourismdecline of Greece are objective and based on a long international observation of the tourist “proceedings” worldwide.

So, British are at (-25/30%) lower. Germans show a similarly large decline of (-30%) for Greece. At the same time, they organize events in support of the Greek Tourism. Why is that?

Is it because dozens of German interests hotel units will stay empty?

Or maybe because they are preparing Greek Hoteliers so as to be forced to reduce more their prices?

Who will protect Tourist Greece from the attack of the organized economic Tourist War?

Which, nevertheless, lacks true professional will, mainly at the public sector?

Which central policy, wants Greek Tourism to be spineless player of Tourist field?

How we will succeed to increase the participation of our foreign travel currency to our GDP?

Infrastructures, modern and dynamic Tourism Law are needed.

Tourism Law and Tourism Legislation with financial incentives to investors.

A Tourism Policy having long term perspective.

Consistency between words and deeds. Actual cultural and simultaneously human approach of people, their culture, attitudes, behavior, and of the interaction in lifestyle and its upgrading.

Our country’s real competitors are not Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, France, Britain and other major tourist destinations Trans – European and Intercontinental.

Our sole opponent is ourselves and our mentality.

Even the State is an opponent.

A looser, who refuses to understand, that the Political Section should stop, without any further delay to “play” with the true Tourist Future of Greece.

Game is over? Fortunately not.

As, those days in Manhattan’s Centre, (New York), a road Giga screen, (donation of Greek-Americans), is advertising Greece.

Let’s use the same slogan: