The perfect solution!! Are we living in a different Country?

The Ministry of Education, apparently in perfect collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, through a provision included in a Bill that is currently being adopted, managed to perform their miracle.

Schools of Tourism Management are to be established in collaboration with the Universities of the Aegean and Crete.

That means University level faculties.

The only thing is that the student candidates must be foreign nationals, speaking English and pay tuition.

Therefore, it seems that our Ministers, after having “flooded” the Tourism education with all these abundant university faculties for the Greeks, are completing the puzzle now, taking it one step further, by creating schools for the foreigners.

In reality, with no existing University School of Tourism in Hellas whatsoever, with the Hellenes seeking higher education in that particular sector, be struggling with half-measures, the Mandarins of Tourism and Education are serving us “Marie Antoinette’s cake”.

But perhaps is that supposed to be the case, since the Tourism market is flooded with employees of all sorts, which are powerless, (because that services their employers’ interests), to operate effectively by themselves in their field of work, and are extremely low-paid?