Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the young entrepreneur, who began his journey about

two decades ago with £ 30.0 million and set great paths in the skies, never rests.

The now huge LCC Easyjet airline that he created, dominates the skies

with hundreds of aircraft.

His enterprising idea to do business from city airports with low cost,

brought and still produces constant profits and expansion.

Progressively, he became a smaller shareholder of the company, having

sold the largest part of his shares.

His restless business acumen led him since then to the creation of many

other "easy" businesses, such as restaurants, stores and finally, in 2011, to the

establishing of Fastjet, which mainly flies in Africa.

Of course, the management of Easyjet claims that according to his 2010

contract, he was not allowed to participate in another airline, but only with a

percentage of up to 10%.

Sir Stelios retired some time from the Board of Easyjet, putting an end to

the dispute with his former creation.

Certainly, Fastjet with (3) initial aircraft and a 4th 319 A purchased recently,

has losses of more than 200,0 mil USD.

It plans to expand its fleet with new used but reasonably aged aircraft.

So, in 2018 will be flying to 40 destinations with at least 30 more aircraft,

that is, a total of 34.

Thus, besides the already existing routes, Fastjet plans to fly to Zimbabwe,

Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, which need LCC Airlines.

The bet for Stelios is constant and twofold.

To always be a pioneer, and to maintain the ability of converting ideas and

loss-making companies to profitable ones.