The “original” TA.I.PE.D., managing the mythical State properties of the Hellenes, and seemingly will still be based in Hellas, is ready to proceed to the signing of the contract for the country’s regional airports.

Fraport, at a price of 1.23 approx. billion Euros, in monopolistic track, acquires the 14 best airports in Hellas, leaving the remaining second-rate ones to the State.

The total price with the subsequent economic benefits for the Hellenic government, are leniently considered  "low" for a project of that scale.

Since the profits from the above airports will be skyrocketing for Fraport.

Now, what kind of privatization are we talking about, with the state of Hesse in Germany being a prominent investor?  It is indeed an interesting question….

From what is foreseen to take place within August, since this privatization project is included in the measures package to be brought before Parliament, the contract will be signed in its entirety and will be judicially reviewed for the final approval and for the approval of environmental terms and modernization works.