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The Russian Aeroflot becomes a champion

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The Russian Aeroflot becomes a champion.

It is well known that the Russian economy is suffering due to the reprisals from the West and also from inherent difficulties, which hold her down.

To the contrary, Aeroflot, the great glory of Russia, ventures in AVIATION with passion and consistency.

With the Russian government as its 51% shareholder, and a fleet of mainly Western technology, ie. approximately 118 Airbus and 75 Boeing aircraft, the Russian Airline fights bravely.

Recently, it supplemented its fleet gradually, with 21 Sukhoi Superjets, and a closed order for about 30 more, besides the Airbus and Boeing that has as options.

Step by step, Aeroflot managed during the last five years, to improve its in-flight and ground service to the passengers by 100%, and even to shake off its reputation as an unsafe airline, which never had profits.

The replacement of its old Russian technology energy-consuming aircraft is over.

Of course, the Superjet, with ± 100 seats, depending on the specifications of the model for various distances, is an AIRCRAFT that in the Western market basically has orders only from Mexico.