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The TOURISM policy, the numbers

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The TOURISM policy, the numbers.
The degradation of the Hellenic TOURISM

Plans on paper again and again, both from the Regional Governor of Attica and the highly esteemed Minister of Tourism.

They want a year-round TOURISM in Attica.

They invoke new action plans, strategic marketing and other grandiose stuff.

The Minister, E. Kountouras, in particular, boasted about the number of Tourists in Hellas reaching 26.0 million in 2015.

She said: "... the Ministry’s objective is that the country will reach the top five most popular countries in the world."

She forgot to mention anything, though, about the desirable quality of TOURISM.

Because it seems that she doesn’t object at all about the hordes of Britons that revile our country with their behavior and the continuous minimization of their contribution to the free TOURIST market.

She also seems to forget that the more than 2.0 million German tourists that are equally products of massive incoming TOURISM that offer minimal added value to the free market.

We pressure and chronically ruminate, writing about the same things.