Civil War in AIA for the extension ...
and Luxemburg “on the horizon”

Panayotis Roumeliotis, the Chairman of the Board of Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, has recently been appointed by the current Administration.

Being well known for his directness and honest attitude in every position in which he has served, he is fighting a tough battle nowadays, against TAIPED.

And of course, the TAIPED seems to go along with the view of the private operator, and owner of 40% of the Airport’s shares, the Canadian pension Fund PSP, whose executives came in Athens at the end of January and met with the management of the International Airport and top government officials.

The Chairman of the Board insists on denying the "haste", that the contract should be extended now for another further 20 years, meaning until 2046!!

The refusal of P. Roumeliotis is based on the reasoned opinion, that the price will be much higher, in favor of the Greek State, which currently owns 55% of the Athens International Airport.

Logically, if one reviews the Greek Stock Exchange during this period, one would be at least a fool "not to see" that it struggles for survival, having reached, with small temporary bursts, its lowest levels since the last 25 years.