The extremely expensive AIRBUS Α340-400 will become
… “Excellent pots and pans”.

A new glory field is opened up for the aircraft with manufacturer number MSN 292 and 280.

The infamous TAIPED and the old OLYMPIC have succeeded after so many years to sell out, for scrap and possibly for pots, two of the aircraft that have cost the naive Greek taxpayer, along with the other two that were managed to be sold in pieces, more than USD 400.0 million, including the costs for their pointless maintenance for years, storage costs and various other multifarious expenditure as well as and engines that "vanished into thin air".

And when in 2011 a buyer from the US was found, willing to offer about USD 40.0 million, a series of circumstances has canceled this contract as well.

Subsequently, APOLLO AVIATION offered USD 9.0 million, but the Greek Bureaucracy and the Hellenic Court of Audit, have dissolved any hope of a sale.