- In recent years, Air-Transport has been occupying a significant part of our activities, since there is a considerable increase in European and especially E.U. Aviation Companies, flying to and from Greek Airports, who eventually require legal advice and assistance.

- Due to the excellent relations that our office maintains with various International Organisations, such as C.A.A., EUROCONTROL, IATA, GREEK TOURIST ORGANISATION, ICAO, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, several International Insurance Companies, and other International entities, we are in able to meet the requirements of our domestic and international clients and provide them with speedy and satisfactory solutions to their problems.


1. Aviation Law - Air Law

I. Agreements with Aircraft Manufacturers or Leasing Companies for sale or purchase of all types of aircraft.

ii. Agreements for sale and purchase of spare parts.

iii. Agreements for the supervision of aircraft by local supervisors.

iv. Agreements for aircraft maintenance.

v. Claims of all kinds which arise from the activities of Airline companies and the operation of their aircraft.

vi. Incorporating Airline companies (affiliated or not), in accordance with E.U.l legislation.

vii. Agreements for G.S.A. in Greece and abroad.

viii. Creation of new private Airports in accordance with the local Legislation.

ix. Contracts with Tour Operators on behalf of Airline Companies.

x. Aircraft financing and finance consulting.

xi. Wet and Dry Lease with Greek and overseas lessees.

xii. Advising Airline companies and their management.

xiii. Seizure and repossession of aircraft and engines.

xiv. Engine and equipment spares leasing.

xv. Joint ventures between aircraft lessors and airlines.

xvi. Insolvency, administration and voluntary liquidation of airlines, lessors and lessees.


2. Tourism Law

i. Projects for areas under development.

ii. Loans and bounties for tourist development/ Hotel and Casino construction.

iii. Timesharing.

iv. Contracts with Tourist and Hotel Organizations.

v. Contracts of all kinds with Tour Operators (i.e. commitment, allotment etc.).

vi. Congress agreements.

vii. Exclusive in land Tourist properties for retirement.


3. Commercial and Banking Law

i. Incorporation of companies.

ii. Mergers and Acquisitions (M &A).

iii. Joint Ventures of Companies

iv. Off- shore companies (incorporation and/or management).

v. Corporate: partnership, transactions, equity offerings.

vi. Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Debt recovery, Public International law.

vii. Private client and trusts: financial services and investment business, inheritance property/Venture capital.

viii. Competition/ antitrust.

ix. Commercial contracts.

x. Shareholders' agreements.

xi. Regulatory matters and advice.

xii. Commercial Property and taxation/Management buy-outs.

xiii. Public and private company acquisitions and disposals.

xiv. Contracts for funding framework (especially wholesale and retail in the automotive sector)

xv. Eligibility criteria of asset-backed-securities

xvi. Securitization of claims


4. Real Estate Matters

i. Commercial Property.

ii. Investment.

iii. Development.

iv. Leisure.

v. Hotels.

vi. Retail Occupiers.

vii. Leasehold Enfranchisement.

viii. Construction.

ix. Housing Associations.

x. Housing Association Finance.

xi. Planning.

xii. Property Finance.

xiii. Property Litigation.

xiv. Real Estate Investment Banking.

xv. Indirect Investment.

xvi Real Estate Funds.

xvii. Logistics Centers


- Due to the International character of our Office’s specialized legal activities, we are linked and collaborate directly with various major Legal Firms in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and several other countries.

- Specifically for the U.S.A., we cooperate with an established Tax Consulting firm for Greek-Americans, which is well experienced in sale/purchase of property, proxies, acceptance of inheritance and parental gift, adverse possession, will probate, title due diligence, property appraisal, immigration services, property registration, family law, income tax returns, working with Greek tax authorities, property tax, inheritance and gift tax, e.t.c.

- This enables us to confront successfully many issues which require mutual collaboration and combined legal services in various countries, where different Legislation applies.

- Finally, our direct connection to ''INTRANET'', the Greek Bar Association Computerised Legal Info System and the ''EUROPEAN LEGAL INFORMATION SYSTEM'' in Brussels, allow our office immediate access to ''International Information Centers'' which provide us with information on all Legislative and Legal developments.


Our Approach

It is appreciated that the cost of legal work is of prime importance to a client. Clients should have as much information as possible about costs, at all stages, which means providing quoted or estimates whenever possible and regular updates. By doing this, costs and benefit can be monitored, allowing control of the legal work being undertaken.



Each year, like most other legal firms, we set hourly rates for individual Lawyers. Generally, accounts in respect of work charged on a time basis will represent the appropriate rate for the work. However, cases are always considered as a whole and adjustments are made if appropriate. For example, if it is considered that too much time has been spent on a matter because of a duplication of effort due to a change of lawyers, fees will be reduced. Conversely, fees may also be increased where a matter has required a high degree of specialized skills and knowledge, urgent attention, late night meetings and the like. The rates are set up in U.S. Dollars, ($), and/or sometimes in Euros, (€), depending on the client’s request.


Accounts are rendered at least quarterly or at the conclusion of the work, if sooner. However, different arrangements, to suit the clients’ needs, can always be discussed and accommodated, whenever possible.


In respect of various routine non contentious matters, it is possible to provide a fixed fee quote, which can be agreed with the client at the commencement of the case.